Monday, July 27, 2009

Damn you, Monk!

USA Network has done it again. Their incessant advertising for the last season of Monk hasn't made me any more interested in the show, but it has interested me in the Keane song they've used in the ads. "Time to Go" is a B-side on "The Lovers Are Losing" single, and on the Deluxe edition of Spiralling only on iTunes. And for the life of me, I can't find an mp3 to download anywhere on the interwebs.

Enter youtube:

Unlike most of their new album, this one is simple and deconstructed. Piano, acoustic guitar, and Tom Chaplin's pure vocals. And I think it's that simplicity that makes it so lovely and memorable. Like a less-rocking, but less sentimental, "Closing Time," that'll get stuck in your head just as easily.

Now if only Monk would stop using it, so I could enjoy it in peace.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some Musics of My Summer (so far)

I find that my summers are often defined by my tunes. Last summer, for me, was all Voxtrot and Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin. I haven't found that one defining sound yet, but there are some tunes that I'm enjoying.

1. Crocodiles
Their trendy sound is at times a little too much, but I really like a couple tracks."I Wanna Kill" constantly gets stuck in my head, and is much more pleasant and summery-light than the title suggests. "Neon Jesus" is another gem, and the video is kinda sick!

You can have your Passion Pit, I'll take Crocodiles.

2. "Two Weeks"
Grizzly Bear is everywhere these days, what with the new album. And honestly, I'm not that into them, even after seeing them. Granted, their entire performance was wiped from my memory by be so thoroughly rocked by The National. So maybe it's not fair to judge yet.

Two Weeks

But I am definitely a fan of this track (even if the vid is less than inspiring until the 3:00 mark). I think it's the chunky piano and the smooth harmonies. It makes me want to be on a roof drinking wine and watching the sun set over Manhattan.

You can find an mp3 of this track almost anywhere. if you can't, you're not trying.

3. Discovery
... is bound to be the trendy thing this summer. I mean, memebers of Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot teaming up? Hipsters everywhere are wetting themselves. Most of it is ignorable. HOWEVER, "Carby (feat. Ezra Koenig)" is immensely fun and engaging (and I promise that's not just cause I'm in everlasting love with Ezra Koenig).

LOVE IT. I'm also going to highly recommend "Swing Tree" (it's SOOO summer) and "I Want You Back," yes, the Jackson 5 "I Want You Back," but a very unique take.

4. "I Fought the Law"

Unfortunately, being so busy has inhibited my discovering new music, but I'll share as I find it....