Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who is Julian Plenti?

When a front man goes solo, it's no surprise when he sounds just like the band he fronts.

But luckily for Paul Banks, he fronts a really good band. All together, sounding like Interpol isn't a bad thing.

So with Paul's alter ego Julian Plenti, and the album, Julian Plenti is... Skyscraper, we get the same affected vocals, the same opaque and sexual lyrics, the same driving rhythm section. The lead single "Games for Days" is dark, but with a straight-forward pop/rock construction and a shout-along chorus. This track definitely feels less sharp-dressed and drilled than Interpol. I mean, I can imagine actually dancing to it (which is saying something!). It sounds like what Our Love to Admire was trying to be. "Fun that We Have" sounds like it could be straight off Antics, but with some electronic flair. It's repetitive and building in a good way.

I am... fan. I think. I should really hear the rest of the album before I judge.

Check out the hot video for "Games for Days."

I love his hats. And his general high level of attractiveness. You may also recognize Metric's Emily Haines as the leading lady? No? It's ok, neither did I.

You can snag the Mp3 of "Games for Days" over at Stereogum.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I clearly watch too much TV...

... cause that's where I've been getting all my new music recently.

You've doubtless seen this fabulous Bacardi mojito ad:

He's walking through every era's parties! How cool! But what caught my attention even more was the rocking piano jam that every era is dancing too.

Turns out it's Matt and Kim's "Daylight," and it's my new favorite song. It's the only song of theirs I know so far, but it has encouraged me to want to explore their work. And let me tell you, I could listen to this song over and over. It's like happiness with a great beat and killer riff. Pop perfection.

Here's the video for the tune in its entirety. It's very "this is our lives as a cute couple! we play music i weird places! we smile a lot!", which is a bit obnoxious, but the song itself saves it from being too sugar-sweet.

side note: I was at Insound's warehouse sale last thursday and after picking a sweet copy of The Clash Live at Shea Stadium on vinyl, i checked out the free-with-purchase bin. Not only did I find a poster of a robot walking through the country shooting laser beams out of its eyes, but there was a 7" single of this very song! sweet!